Royce Fellowship for Sport and Society, Brown University, USA

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The Sport and Society Fellowship recognizes Brown University undergraduates who have a record of excellence in academics and sport, supporting these student-athletes to embark on innovative research or applied projects, exploring the intersection of sport and human rights within a particular context.

Fellows` areas of research may include health, education, conflict resolution, public policy, disability rights, race, gender or ethnicity. The Fellowship supports reflection and inquiry by inspiring fellows to connect their scholarly work with that of their peers and designated faculty, staff and community leaders. Faculty and Community Advisors will work with the Fellows, including Eli Wolff, 00` Director of Research and Advocacy for the Northeastern University Center for Sport and Society.

This initiative was established in 2007 through the generosity of Charles Royce, a 1961 graduate of Brown University and parent of two Brown graduates. Mr. Royce, president of Royce Funds, has served as a University trustee since 1989 and is an active member of several university committees, including director of the Sports Foundation.

Eligibility & Selection Criteria
The Fellowship is open to all student-athletes (varsity, club, intramural). Applicants must be rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors who will be on campus for at least one full academic year following the fellowship.

Recipients will receive financial support to undertake a research, curricular or public service project of their choosing to be carried out over the summer or during the academic year.

Recipients of the Royce Sport and Society Fellowship are also awarded lifetime membership in the Society of Royce Fellows, which supports reflection and inquiry by encouraging members to connect their scholarly work with that of their peers, faculty sponsors and scholars in the field of sport and development.

Application Procedure
Applicants are encouraged to meet with the Director to discuss their proposals and if necessary to seek support with placements.

Parts of the Application

BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION/Common Application: Please include the requested information in the spaces provided.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Please provide a title for your proposed project as well as a list of what individuals or populations will be served by your project.

PROJECT SUMMARY: The project summary should serve as a brief description of the project proposed in the proposal narrative and should not exceed 100 words in length.

PROPOSAL NARRATIVE: The proposal narrative should be no longer than five (5) typewritten pages in a twelve-point font with `one-and-a-half` spacing and one-inch margins. Unlike the format, there are no restrictions on the form the narrative can take. The applicant should just be certain to address all of the questions outlined in Part Two of the application.

TIMELINE/ACTION PLAN: The timeline/action plan should provide the Selection Committee with a breakdown of how the applicant conceives of undertaking her or his project. It does not have to be finalized or absolute in order for the application to be successful. Indeed, the Selection Committee expects that any proposed project will change in both its logic and outcomes many times before it is completed. This segment of the application should; however, both reflect the feasibility of the project and demonstrate that the applicant has thought through the practical steps necessary to achieve her or his goals.

BUDGET: Applicants may request up to $4,000 in funding but requests should not exceed $4000. While the Selection Committee looks for budgets that are considered and detailed, they, like the timeline/action plan, are in no way expected to be exhaustive or final. It is assumed that projections of living accommodations, project and travel expenses will fluctuate. This section of the application should offer insight, for the Committee as well as for the applicant, into the feasibility and logic of the project proposed. A sample budget might look like the following:

LETTER OF SUPPORT: a letter of nomination or support must accompany each application from a Brown University faculty or staff member. Faculty/staff members are asked to assess the student`s unique qualities, interests and skills in fulfilling her or his responsibilities to the project and the Society of Royce Fellows. With this in mind, the applicant should choose someone who can speak to the feasibility of and opportunity represented by the proposed project, the applicant`s ability to carry out the proposed work, and personal qualities in the applicant that she or he has been impressed by.

Contact detail
Phone: (401) 863–1529

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