Student Exchange Scholarships, La Trobe University, Australia

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La Trobe University AustraliaLa Trobe University welcomes approximately 400 exchange and study abroad students from all over the world each year.

If your institution is listed on our international exchange partners list you may be eligible to apply to study at La Trobe as an exchange student. If it is not, you can still get the La Trobe experience by applying to us as a Study Abroad Student.

Can I study at La Trobe as an exchange student?
Exchange students must be officially nominated by their home institution to study at La Trobe under a student exchange agreement. Your home institution can provide you with information about their nomination process.

What can I study?
Our programs are diverse and are known nationally for their quality, both in instruction and research across our five faculties:

For information on available units/subjects, check the University Handbook. Ensure that you read the information regarding prerequisites. For detailed unit/subject descriptions, use the unit code or name to find the unit in our Unit Search Database.

How do I apply?
Before you apply, ensure that you have read the information regarding prerequisites and English language requirements.

Please check that your Home Institution Exchange/Study Abroad Coordinator has informed La Trobe Abroad of your nomination.

Complete the Online application (Student Portal). An Online Application User Guide is available from your Home Institution Exchange/Study Abroad Coordinator.

  1. Register for a User Name and password
  2. Lodge your application online
  3. Upload ALL of the following documents:
    • 2 References: (1) Academic (1) Personal
    • Personal Statement: 1 page about why you would like to study on Exchange at La Trobe University.
    • Official academic transcript from your home university (official transcripts not in English must be submitted with an English translation)
    • For Students from a non-English speaking country: Evidence of meeting La Trobe’s English Language requirements

* Incomplete applications, including applications missing the above documents will NOT be processed.

All applications must be sent to us before the following dates:

  • For Semester 1 (February -June): 15 October (previous year)
  • For Semester 2 (July - November): 31 March (of the same year)

Your Home Institution will send your application to:

La Trobe Abroad, La Trobe International, La Trobe University, Bundoora, VIC 3086, Australia

Application approval
Your application will be sent to the department/s of your choice for approval. This may take some time so please remain patient.

Receiving an offer
Depending on the success of your application, you will either receive a firm Letter of Offer or a Letter of Offer with conditions. The condition may be that you are required to choose other units or are required to complete an English Language unit upon arrival to La Trobe.

Accepting your offer
When the offer has been finalised and approved by the La Trobe Faculty, you will be sent offer acceptance forms including information on Overseas Student Health Cover. All forms need to be filled out and returned to La Trobe University. You will then be issued an electronic confirmation of enrolment and will be able to apply for a student visa.

Once you have accepted your offer, we will send you a My Life at La Trobe Guide (PDF 5.18MB), which provides valuable information regarding our free airport reception service, accommodation and more.

Please see the links below for information on the following:

General semester and Orientation dates can be found in our Academic Calendar.

We recommend that you arrive in time for our Orientation for international students. This program contains important information sessions, including enrolment assistance, and is also an excellent opportunity for you to meet other students and staff.

La Trobe organises additional social events for exchange and study abroad students including a pre-orientation camp that takes place during the weekend before Orientation. Information about the pre-orientation camp is sent to accepted students.

Exchange students do not pay any tuition fees to La Trobe but need to cover additional costs themselves. Estimated costs can be found in the My Life at La Trobe Guide (PDF 5.18MB).

La Trobe offers a limited amount of scholarships for incoming students. Eligible students will be contacted by the La Trobe Abroad team.

For more information, please visit official website:

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.

57 comments on “Student Exchange Scholarships, La Trobe University, Australia

  1. Dear sir / madam
    hello . I’m sari , student of mathematic education at State University of Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau, in Indonesia. Now I’m 4nd Semester. Is it possible for me to join this program? I’m so really excited with this program of student exchange. How I can apply? and how about toefl score? please give me more information, sent to in my email please :) thanks

  2. Dear sir/madam,

    I am Azelia. I am currently on my 6th smemster studying Accounting in a college in Indonesia. Is it possible for me to apply for this scholarship? For how long this scholarship for? Is it possible for me to graduate from La Trobe?
    How about the courses?
    Please reply to my questions.

    Thank you :)

  3. I am a student who student in agriculture faculty in Hasanuddin University (indonesia) and i am in 5th semester now. can you send me in my email about all of the requirements as soon as possible? I am really excited to submit/ apply my application :) thank you

  4. Hi, my name is Ari ansyah… I from Indonesia, I can speak english.. The Real wish if I can join with they.. I am student of 16 Junior High School jakarta, Indonesia… I wish I can school at exchange or Applecross Senior High School.. Meaningfull Life is my dream… Smart to be A Strong! I’m class VIII / 8 Jhs. my teacher always say “Ark, can you school at Australia or exchange?” and I am answer ” Do you realllllll want to I’m succes…” Believe Jesus….

    Twitter : @cumi2indigo
    Facebook : Ari Ansyah ( search with email ::
    Instagram : ai_ansyah

    Thank you…
    do you like me??
    find me!

  5. Dear madam/sir
    Im study dental higienist , it is my 3rd year and im in the 5th semester
    I would like to join this exchange program , can you sent me email about the requirements as soon as possible you can? Because im so excited with this program even my major not available on this program
    Thanks in advance

  6. I am dera. I am currently on my 5th smemster studying Islamic bussines and civil law in state islamic university of sunan kalijaga yogyakarta. Is it possible for me to apply for this scholarship? For how long this scholarship for?
    How about the courses? please give me more information, sent to in my email : thankyou :)

  7. hello madam/sir. .thanks for the information of students exchange to La Trobe University. .but, my campus is not list campus in La Trobe University for students exchange. .i’m so interesting with this programm. .can I keep going to join this programm??thanks before. . :)

  8. Hallo team,

    I am Ayunita from foreign language of academy in Balikpapan-East borneo. I’m in the last semester. Is it possible if I join and would you tell me the procedure.

    Thanks :D

  9. Hi, my name is Amida from Indonesia, student of International Business in Brawijaya University (Malang city). Im in 5th semester now. I do really excited with this exchange program. Is it possible to me to join this program? it will be an honor if you send me an email about the procedure and requirements to join this program.
    Thank you :)

  10. dear sir/madam..

    so do I, when I read this information, i do really love to join. you can Call me Lena, student of Indonesia university of Education. west Java, Indonesia,
    could u like tell me more about this information?:-)


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