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1 PhD Scholarships in Chemistry, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2 European Master of Science in International Health Scholarships, Erasmus Mundus, Europe
3 PhD Scholarship in Political Science, University of Southern Denmark
4 PhD Scholarship in General Biology, University of Southern Denmark
5 Hungarian State Scholarships for Foreigners, Hungary
6 PhD Scholarships, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
7 MSc Scholarships in Global Innovation Management, Erasmus Mundus, Europe
8 Master Scholarships in Lifelong Learning (MALLL), Erasmus Mundus, Europe
9 Master Scholarships in Public Health (EUROPUBHEALTH), Erasmus Mundus, Europe
10 PhD Scholarship in Computational Electrocatalysis, Technical University of Denmark

11 Yamaha Music Foundation Of Europe Scholarship
12 PhD Scholarships in Informatics, Technical University of Denmark
13 PhD Scholarship in Risk Management of Climate Extremes in an Urban Environment, Technical University of Denmark
14 PhD Scholarship in Marine Population Dynamics and Management, Technical University of Denmark
15 PhD Scholarships, Institute for Science, Systems and Models (NSM), Roskilde University, Denmark
16 PhD Position in Bioinformatics and Toxicology, Technical University of Denmark
17 PhD Scholarship, Department of Operations Management, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
18 PhD Scholarship in Biomimetic Aqueous Resource Recovery, Technical University of Denmark
19 PhD Fellowship in Fuel Cell Catalysts, University of Southern Denmark
20 PhD Scholarship on Computational Materials Design, Technical University of Denmark

21 PhD Scholarship in Food Microstructure, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
22 PhD Scholarship in Marketing, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
23 PhD Scholarship in Sea Level Changes from Satellite Altimetry, Technical University of Denmark
24 PhD Scholarship, DTU Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark
25 PhD Scholarship in Health Economics, University of Southern Denmark