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1 Sandwich Scholarships for Doctoral Candidates from Indonesia, DAAD Germany

2 DAAD Short-term Research Grants for University Academics and Scientists, Germany
3 Scholarship for Artists and Architects, DAAD Germany
4 Beasiswa Indonesian German Scholarship Programme (IGSP) DIKTI
5 Erasmus Mundus Master Scholarships in Astronomy and Astrophysics, AstroMundus, Europe
6 PhD in Cardiovascular Physiology, Heidelberg University, Germany
7 Visiting Fellowships in History and Sociology, Bielefeld University, Germany
8 Max Planck Research Award, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany
9 Master Scholarships in Public Policy and Good Governance, DAAD Germany
10 Kurt Hansen Scholarships, Bayer Foundations, Germany

11 Otto Bayer Scholarships, Bayer Foundations, Germany
12 Hermann Strenger Scholarships, Bayer Foundations, Germany
13 Carl Duisberg Scholarships, Bayer Foundations, Germany
14 Mentoring Scholarships for International PhD Students, LMU Munich, Germany
15 MSc / PhD Fellowships in Molecular Biosciences / Biotechnology, Heidelberg University, Germany
16 MathMods MSc Scholarships, Mathematical Modelling in Engineering, Erasmus Mundus, Europe
17 International PhD Fellowships in Neurosciences, NeuroCure, Germany
18 Lotus, Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for South-East Asian Students to Europe
19 European Master of Science in International Health Scholarships, Erasmus Mundus, Europe
20 International Climate Protection Fellowships, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany

21 Postgraduate Courses for Professionals with Relevance to Developing Countries, DAAD Germany
22 DAAD Scholarship for Students from Developing Countries, Munich Intellectual Property Law Center, Germany
23 PhD Fellowships, Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds, Germany
24 Scholarships for International Bachelor & Master Students, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Germany
25 PhD Scholarships in Space Life Sciences, Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Germany
26 Postgraduate Courses with Relevance to Developing Countries, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
27 Albert Einstein Fellowships for Outstanding Young Thinkers, Germany
28 Be The Next Bayer Young Environmental Envoy and Enjoy Study Trip to Germany!
29 Master Scholarships in Arts and Humanities, Netherlands
30 Hungarian State Scholarships for Foreigners, Hungary
31 International PhD Fellowships, Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences, Germany
32 International Multicopter Girls Camp, Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany
33 European Master In Software Engineering Scholarships in Italy, Sweden & Germany
34 Bachelor, Master and PhD Scholarships for International Students, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Germany
35 Beasiswa Debt Swap 5K Doktor, KEMDIKNAS, Indonesia - Jerman
36 Erasmus Mundus EXPERTS Scholarships, Europe
37 MSc Scholarships in Global Innovation Management, Erasmus Mundus, Europe
38 AREAS Erasmus Mundus Action 2 (EMA2) Scholarships, Europe
39 Master Scholarships in Photonics Engineering, Nanophotonics and Biophotonics (EUROPHOTONICS)
40 Master of Science in Geospatial Technologies Scholarhips, Erasmus Mundus, Europe