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1 Scholarships for Students from Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia - University of Western Australia

2 Excellence Master Fellowships, University of Geneva, Switzerland
3 PhD Scholarship in Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy, University of Sussex, UK
4 Master & PhD Scholarships, University of Seoul, Korea
5 Scottish Universities Physics Alliance (SUPA) Prize Studentships, Scotland UK
6 PhD Scholarship in Physics, University of Queensland, Australia
7 Doctoral Studentship in Chemical Physics, Lund University, Sweden
8 Simons Graduate Fellowships in Theoretical Computer Science, USA
9 PhD in Experimental Nuclear Physics, Uppsala University, Sweden
10 Postgraduate Research Scholarships, Australian Centre for Field Robotics, University of Sydney, Australia

11 Undergraduate Scholarships, University of Exeter Foundation, UK
12 PhD / Postdoc in Experimental Physics, Leiden University, Netherlands
13 PhD Student, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Ghent University, Belgium
14 PhD in Physical Chemistry, Lund University, Sweden
15 Undergraduate & Postgraduate Scholarships in Science, University of Hull, UK
16 PhD Scholarship in Biomimetic Aqueous Resource Recovery, Technical University of Denmark
17 PhD Studentship in Physics, Lund University, Sweden
18 PhD Studentship in Theoretical Physics, UmeƄ University, Sweden
19 PhD in Fundamental Problems of Quantum Gravity and Quantum Field Theory, University of Warsaw, Poland
20 PhD Studentship in Fluid Mechanics, Imperial College London, UK

21 PhD Scholarships in Water Engineering, Technical University of Denmark
22 PhD Scholarship in Physics, University of Cambridge, UK
23 PhD Stipend in Mathematics and Physics, Aalborg University, Denmark
24 Master Scholarships, University of York, UK
25 Fulbright International Science & Technology Award, American Indonesian Exchange Foundation, USA