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1 Nestlé Scholarship for Women, IMD Business School, Switzerland

2 MBA Scholarships in International Business for Women, MIB School of Management, Italy
3 Asian Women In Business Scholarship Fund, USA
4 BlackBerry Scholars Program for Women, Worldwide
5 Ruth Whaley Bursary for Women in Finance, University of Cambridge, UK
6 International Fellowships Programme, Japanese Association of University Women, Japan
7 Courage in Journalism Awards for International Women Journalists, USA
8 Women in Engineering Scholarship, RMIT University, Australia
9 Women in Aerospace (WIA) Foundation Scholarships, USA
10 UNESCO-L’OREAL International Fellowships Programme for Young Women in Life Sciences

11 Women in Games Scholarship, Vancouver Film School, Canada
12 International Multicopter Girls Camp, Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany
13 Vera R Campbell Foundation Fellowship for Women, School for Advanced Research, USA
14 Microsoft Research Graduate Women’s Scholarship, USA & Canada
15 Kathleen Stewart Postgraduate Scholarships, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
16 Schlumberger Foundation Fellowships for Women from Developing Countries
17 UNIGE Scholarship of Excellence for Women, Switzerland
18 PhD Scholarships “Women in Education, Faith Schools”, University of Central Lancashire, UK
19 The LH Ainsworth Cancer Research Scholarship, University of New South Wales, Australia
20 The Beth Yarrow Memorial Award In Medical Science, University of New South Wales, Australia

21 The Harvey Carey Memorial Scholarship, University of New South Wales, Australia
22 IDB Prize for Women’s Contribution to Development, Islamic Development Bank, Saudi Arabia
23 Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation (CEMF) Undergraduate Engineering Scholarships for Women, Canada
24 Women’s Services Guild PhD Top-up Scholarship, Edith Cowan University, Australia
25 Fair and Lovely Scholarship for Women, India