Undergraduate Scholarship Competition, Prasetiya Mulya & Metro TV, Indonesia

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Education is very important for the next generation. Considering the human and economic resources in Indonesia, coorporation Prasetiya Mulya`s S1 programs with Metro TV supports the priorities for the nation`s children continue their education to pursue higher degrees by holding a Scholarship Competition.

Purpose of the Scholarship program:

  1. To contribute in education to facilitate students with achievement
  2. To inspirate young generation who have strong determination and intention to continue their education to pursue higher degrees
  3. The realization of the development of the business community in Indonesia
  4. Presents impressions edutainment (education-entertainment) on Metro TV

Forms Scholarship program activities:

  • Selection to get the 12 finalists selection consists of a series of administrative and academic potential test, psychological test, group discussion, games, writing proposals and making presentations and interviews. The whole process of using the knockout system
  • 12 finalists will be selected following the quarantine process and Scholarship competition
  • A range of selection and assessment will be filmed and aired in the form of education entertainment (edutainment) Scholarship reality show on television station Metro TV
  • Winners will receive scholarships to continue their education in S1 program review.

Scholarship Instructions to register are:

  1. Fill out the registration form with full Scholarship on the website. Or Scholarship Application forms can be downloaded here. Register online for the tests in Jakarta will be closed on 15 April 2010 at 16.00 pm; To test Outside The City (Surabaya, Medan) will be closed on March 25, 2010 at 16:00 pm, to Yogyakarta will be closed on 1 April 2010 at 15:00 pm, and to Makassar will be closed on 22 April 2010 at 16.00 pm.
  2. Login using your username and password provided by the system, then fill in all the forms that are provided with complete and correct on the website.
  3. Collecting the complete document to test the latest in Jakarta on 15 April 2010 & test Outside The City (Surabaya, Medan) at the latest on March 25, 2010, (Yogyakarta) no later than April 1, 2010, (Makassar) no later than the date 22 April 2010 and send to:

Scholarship Secretariat
Business School (Cilandak Campus)
Jl. RA Kartini, Cilandak Barat
12430th South Jakarta
Tel. 751 1126, 750 0463 ext 1014, 1121
Fax: (021) 751 1128
SMS: 0815-1166-2005

or send documents via email attachment: scholarship[at]pmbs.ac.id (Subject: Scholarship Competition, Attachment max. 3.5 MB)

Documents included are:

  • 1 set of photocopy of 1st grade school report cards until the last (school legalisir)
  • 1 sheet photocopy of identity card (KTP / SIM / Passport)
  • 2 recent color photographs size 3 x 4
  • Latest Photo 4R size (close-up, the entire body: 1 sheet each)
  • Letter of approval / permission from parents to follow Scholarship competition, can be downloaded here
  • Letters of Recommendation Scholarship School for the competition
  • Complete the assessment form can be downloaded here
  • Create a 1 page essay on the theme: about self and future aspirations (in English).
  • Making the paper (select a theme):
    • Proposed business plan or business
    • Contribute as a younger generation on the environment around
      (Min. 3 pages, A4 paper, font: Times New Roman, spacing 1.5)
  • Copy of the charter that shows achievement in the competition (if any)

If the requirement has been received, you will receive confirmation of your paperwork via email

If the administration that passed the selection will be announced at the website, the timing of the announcement will be informed further. You have to log back on to the website and print a test card is printed on the menu card. Test cards should be printed and taken during the test as proof of membership Scholarship.

Requirements to follow Scholarsip competition are:

  1. Participants were students graduate high school equivalent in 2009 and 2010.
  2. Have an interest in the field of business, economics, marketing or accounting.
  3. Have a good record at school.
  4. Has a value of Mathematics and English at the report card is always above average school.
  5. Active in organized activities, extra curricular and committees at school and outside school.
  6. Has other talents beyond the achievement or academic ability.
  7. Pass the entire selection process.
  8. Willing to undertake the production process based on a set time.

Website: http://www.pmbs.ac.id/s1/scholarship/


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