Undergraduate Scholarships, Computer Science, University of London, UK

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The Department of Computer Science offers a number of Departmental Undergraduate Scholarships for undergraduates at the start of their university studies. Candidates are eligible to try for a Scholarship by entering the Challenge. All entries will be assessed and the entry or entries judged to be the best will lead to the offer of a Scholarship which will be confirmed upon enrolment for that year.

Departmental Undergraduate Scholarships 2010-2011

  • £1,000 in the first year of study in the Computer Science Department at RHUL.
  • renewable at the rate of £500 in years two and three.

Early submissions will be assessed periodically and scholarship offers may be made before the closing date

Entry instructions

The Challenge consists of two parts – a test of abstract reasoning skills, and a programming challenge.

You must submit your entry using this on-line form.

You must submit a file in plain text (txt), a Word format (doc), portable document format (pdf), rich text format (rtf) or the Open document format (ODF), with your answers to the four questions.

You must submit a plain text file with the source code of your program. Any of PERL, Java, C#, ANSI C++, ANSI C, and Visual Basic are acceptable languages. I you want use another language then please contact us before submitting.

If your program requires several files (Java classes or Basic resource files for instance) then the whole package must be zipped (gzip, tar, winzip etc) into a single file for submission.

Any program submitted must include detailed instructions (in the program code, as comments, or in a README file) for executing the program.

Your entry must be your own work and you must click the box which states that the submission is your own work.

The closing date for entries is Friday 11 June 2010.
For more information click here

Department of Computer Science, University of London, Egham, Surrey TW20 0EX
Tel/Fax : +44 (0)1784 443421 /439786

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.

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  1. Hi,how can i get the scholarship?and did you have a scholarship for 3 month or 6 month?please help and tell me about that to my email.thx,God bless=)


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