Undergraduate Scholarships, Pacific University, USA

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Pacific University offers AUTOMATIC SCHOLARSHIPS to all international undergraduate students based on your high school or college scores at the time of admission.

Your scholarship award is PER YEAR for FOUR YEARS. You do not need to apply separately for these scholarships. They are automatically awarded to all admitted students. We will show the scholarship amount on your acceptance letter and I-20.

While studying at Pacific, you must have a Pacific GPA of at least 2.0 (average score) to keep your scholarship.

These scholarships are only for UNDERGRADUATE students (both Freshman and Transfer Students). They do not apply to graduate level students.

Name of Scholarship High School or College G.P.A. (American Scale) Amount of Scholarship per Year Total Scholarship over 4 Years
Honors 3.7 - 4.0 US$ 9,000 US$ 36,000
Presidential 3.5 - 3.69 US$ 8,000 US$ 32,000
Trustee 3.3 - 3.49 US$ 7,000 US$ 28,000
University 3.0 - 3.29 US$ 6,000 US$ 24,000

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One comment on “Undergraduate Scholarships, Pacific University, USA

  1. i want to ask about how to get this scholarship. it is said that it’s automatically awarded to all admitted students. But how do you know that someone would get scholarship while he doesn’t apply any.

    Thank you


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