Undergraduate Scholarships, University of Sydney, Australia

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University of Sydney Scholarships for International School Leavers Applying through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC)

University of Sydney Scholarships for School Leavers applying for admission through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) are awarded annually in January on a combination of school examination results, UAI and other achievements, (leadership, creativity, self-motivation, communication skills etc).

Suitability will be considered based on the application submitted. When the UAI scores are released, each applicants UAI will be checked to see it meets the minimum level, the student may then be offered a scholarship. Please note that students who wish to study at Sydney College of the Arts or the Sydney Conservatorium of Music must achieve a UAI of at least 90 and be amongst the top 5% of applicants, assessed by portfolio or performance.

International and NZ students applying for admission through the UAC are also eligible to apply.

Students taking the IB (International Baccalaureate) in Australia (not off-shore) or other alternatives to the HSC will be assessed on the basis of a UAI equivalent. This is available from the UAC or the University Admissions Office (Tel: +61 2 9351 4117)

For: Students with a minimum UAI of 95 + other achievements
Value: $5000p.a.
Duration: 1 year (Entry Scholarships) or duration of degree (Merit Scholarships)
Application Due: End September
How to Apply: Application forms are available from the Scholarships Office from mid July in each scholarship round.

There are two levels of University of Sydney Scholarships (Entry & Merit scholarships). Your application will automatically be considered for both.

  • University of Sydney Merit Scholarship - $5000 for a maximum of 5 years (must maintain an excellent academic record throughout the tenure of the scholarship)
  • University of Sydney Entry Scholarship - $5000 for one year only

University of Sydney Scholarships are available for all undergraduate degrees and combined degrees. However, you can nominate only one faculty in your application which will be forwarded to this faculty for consideration. The scholarship can be used for any degree in that Faculty.

Please note that each student may only submit one application visit the website


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