UNIGE Scholarship of Excellence for Women, Switzerland

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This programe focusses on women at post-doctoral level who have great scientific potential. In concrete terms, the chosen candidates will benefit from a position as “maître assistante” for a period of three years, attached directly to faculties’ deans offices in order to ensure the independence of the researchers. Whilst they are in principle full-time, these posts entail at most 20 % teaching or clinical work. During the programme the grantholders should be capable of satisfying, for example, the conditions for obtaining a grant for a professorship from the Swiss National Science Foundation.

The programme also includes monitoring by professors of the scientific projects and career planning for the beneficiaries.


  • Next competition launch: May 2011
  • Next closing date for applications: 31st July 2011
  • Information sent to candidates: beginning of December 2011
  • Test presentations by selected candidates: February 2012
  • Public prize giving: 8th March 2012 , International Women’s Day
  • Beginning of assignment: from April 2012 (to be agreed with the candidate)

Selection criteria
The application will allow the organizers to judge the candidate’s potential in terms of:

  • Personal and scientific ability to plan and successfully complete a project over three years;
  • Potential for a high-level university career;
  • Quality of her scientific research;
  • Scientific independence;
  • Mobility;
  • Good scientific and personal integration in the unit in which she will work.

Documents to submit
Application can be written in French or in English. It should be sent by post to the Equal Opportunities Office 31st July final deadline (postmark authentic) and should contain the following documents:

  • description of a scientific project / research plan over three years (in 3 pages) ;
  • an abstract of the project (about 10 lines) ;
  • description of the means required for the research before obtaining the actual funds (we remind you that this project has no research funds available);
  • letter of motivation, including a short reflection on the candidate’s proposed career outline;
  • letter from a professor in the unit concerned, confirming that the candidate can be integrated into this unit;
  • recommendation from an external expert (apart from the current employer);
  • detailed curriculum vitae;
  • list of publications with, if possible, review ranking in the field;
  • the names of four external experts (apart from the current employer) who may assess the scientific project.

To be sent to : University of Geneva, Bureau de l’égalité, Rectorat, 24 rue du Général Dufour, CH 1211 Geneva 4.

For more information, please visit official website: www.unige.ch.

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.

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