International Students Scholarships, Masaryk University, Czech Republic

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Masaryk University Czech RepublicMasaryk University scholarships in support of talented students coming from developing countries and from countries undergoing the process of social and economic transformation (so-called third countries outside the OECD countries)

Scholarship Provider
Office for International Studies

The object of the scholarships is to support talented international students coming from so-called third countries (outside OECD countries) enrolled in the Czech degree programmes taught at MU.

Duration of a scholarship
Scholarships are open for the period starting 1st January 2012 to 31st December 2012. Applicants apply twice a year, separately for each semester (for the period from January to June and from September to December).

Value of a scholarship
The scholarships have a value of 6000,- CZK per month, and are awarded for the period up to 10 months (the scholarships are not offered during the summer holidays – July, August).


  1. Scholarships are awarded to the applicants that are registered to study at the University in Czech degree programmes, within the standard length of study and coming from any country outside OECD. All applications are considered by individual faculties on their own merit according the following criteria:
    1. Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes – level of academic achievement ( in exceptional and justified cases also other recommendations)
    2. Doctoral degree programme – study activity supported by the Supervisor’s statement (e.g. publications, attendance of international conferences, University presentation, participation in organising the University events etc. The Supervisors’ statements are part of the application and must be submitted at the same time.
  2. Applicants must submit the document called “Request for scholarship for international students in Czech degree programmes” and in accordance with the Scholarship and Bursary Regulation of MU must indicate the number of their Czech bank account held in Czech Crowns in the information system.

All applications are considered by a member of the particular Faculty, who hands over their recommendation to the Office for International Studies of MU. The decision of the director of the Office for International Studies is final.

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