Master & Doctoral Scholarships, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Japan

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GRIPS offers graduate programs at both the Master’s and Ph.D. levels. Our degree programs combine a broad disciplinary curriculum with an applied research focus and foster a commitment to international, state, and regional policy issues. The degree programs at GRIPS provide high-quality education, and the school will continue to update its courses and develop new courses on the basis of ongoing policy research and changing policy issues.

Why Choose GRIPS?

  • You can select from a wide range of advanced degree options and specialize in an area that interests you.
  • You can combine discipline-specific learning with advanced training in leadership, interdisciplinary cooperation, and effective management.
  • You can study in English, learning from world-class academics and leading policymakers.
  • You can take advantage of extensive networking and mentoring and liaise with distinguished policymakers from all over the world through our alumni network composed of more than 3,000 international professionals.
  • You will find a rich diversity in our student body, our faculty, and our curriculum.

Target Students
Mid-career public officials with strong leadership and managerial potential

Individuals with strong academic capabilities and the desire to be professional policy analysts or pursue an academic career

Over 90% of our students receive full scholarships. Scholarships are provided by the Japanese government and international organizations and are allocated through GRIPS. A limited number of GRIPS Fellowships are also available to qualified doctoral students.

Admissions and Deadlines
Admission is competitive and involves careful, holistic consideration of each candidate through both document screening and interviews. For candidates who wish to be considered for a scholarship allocated through GRIPS, the application deadline is typically in November or December. For self-financed applicants, the deadline is in mid-May.

Our International Programs
With the exception of the Graduate Program in Japanese Language and Culture, our international programs are conducted solely in English. GRIPS operates on a four-term international calendar, The academic year runs from October to September, with a 16-week Fall Term, 8-week Winter Term, 16-week Spring Term, and 8-week Summer Term.

Master’s Programs

Young Leaders Program (YLP)
This program focuses on the systematic investigation of executive organization and management, preparing students to serve as upper-level managers in the executive arm of local, provincial, and national government as well as in nongovernmental organizations and the nonprofit sector.

One-year Master’s Program of Public Policy (MP1)
This program equips managers and leaders with the fundamental skills and knowledge needed for public policy analysis, implementation, and evaluation, making them part of a global network of leaders.

Two-year Master’s Program of Public Policy (MP2)
This program educates early-career professionals in local or national governments, international organizations, and policy institutes in the technical skills needed to be professional policy analysts.

Macroeconomic Policy Program (MEP) (one year and two years)
This program gives macroeconomic policy makers and professionals an understanding of macroeconomic fluctuations and the roles of monetary and fiscal policies in domestic and global economies so that they can help create robust national economies.

Public Finance Program (PF)
This program provides students with the conceptual understanding and technical competence needed to become leaders in taxation and customs.

Disaster Management Policy Program (DMP)
Professionals in developing countries will learn approaches to coping with natural disasters, including engineering strategies to minimize seismic risk and effective techniques for counteracting widespread water hazards.

Economics, Planning and Public Policy Program (EPP)
This is a joint two-year GRIPS-Indonesia Linkage program offered in conjunction with top national universities in Indonesia and aimed at preparing central and local government officials who will contribute to the good governance and economic development in Indonesia.

Graduate Program in Japanese Language and Culture (JLC)
Graduates of this program become leaders in Japanese language education in their own countries through rigorous examination of cultural issues as well as language acquisition pedagogy.

Ph. D. Programs
Our Ph.D. programs prepare a new generation of public policy researchers, teachers, and professionals. The programs stress the development of theoretical, conceptual, and methodological knowledge as well as advanced skills needed for high-level policy analysis in government, universities, and international organizations. We offer both a 5-year program (Policy Analysis Program) designed for bachelor’s degree holders and 3-year programs (all the other programs) designed for master’s degree holders.

  • Policy Analysis Program(PA)
  • Public Policy Program(PP)
  • Security and International Studies Program(SISP)
  • Disaster Management Program(DM)
  • Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Program(STI)
  • State Building and Economic Development Program (SBED)
  • Graduate Program in Japanese Language and Culture (JLCD)

Obtaining a scholarship allocated through GRIPS
A common way to finance your education at GRIPS is to obtain one of several scholarships allocated to GRIPS by various sponsoring organizations. To be considered for one of these scholarships, please tick the appropriate box on the Application Form. You do not need to apply for a scholarship separately. The specific scholarship will be determined by GRIPS based on eligibility requirements imposed by the scholarship providers.

Please note that scholarships are allocated on a competitive basis and that only a limited number of scholarships is available.

What the scholarship covers

  • A monthly stipend covers living expenses such as food, clothing, and other daily necessaries, as well as insurance and other miscellaneous expenses related to your study at GRIPS. The stipend does not cover family members.
  • Application, admission, and tuition fees.
  • Round-trip economy-class air ticket between your home country and Japan.

For more information, please visit official website:

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.

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