Study Trips to Germany by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

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The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) funds Study Visits Study / Seminars and Practicals in the Federal Republic of Germany by groups of foreign students headed by a university lecturer.

Objectives of the Funding
The programme aims to

  • provide students with subject-related knowledge by arranging appropriate visits, tours and information meetings (Study Visits) or by organizing subject-related seminars and practical courses (e.g. specialist courses, block seminars, workshops) at the invitation of a German university. This university is also responsible for organizing practical courses with universities, companies and, possibly, public institutions (Study Seminars and Practical)
  • facilitate meetings with German students, academics and researchers to establish and maintain contacts between German and foreign universities
  • give students a greater understanding of and insight (regional and area studies) into economic, political and cultural life in Germany. The part must not make up more than one third of the funding term.

In the case of Study Seminars and Practicals, the program strives for reciprocity, although this is not a condition for the award of funding. This means that funding can initially be provided for visits in one direction only.

Funding cannot be provided for annual repeat visits (by applicants, faculties or departments); each applicant, faculty or department can only be considered for a maximum of one application per year. Funding cannot be provided for required/obligatory excursions or for measures that have already been completed.

Target Group and Length of Stay

  • Funding can be provided for groups of students who are fully matriculated in their second semester or higher in a relevant degree program at a foreign university and who are traveling in a group headed by a university lecturer. Subject to approval by the DAAD, individual doctoral students can also be funded. To ensure that the conditions are given for a successful study trip, all the participants should, as far as possible, have a common level of language skills in a language of relevance to the program. Groups should be made up of at least 10 and must not, as a rule, exceed 15 persons. In addition, funding can be provided for one university lecturer as group leader.
  • Group Visits and Study Seminars and Practicals should last no less than 7 days. Funding is available for a maximum 12 days including travel days).

The DAAD takes out health, accident and public/private liability insurance for each funded group. Further details will be stated in the Award Letter.

Due to the limited financial resources, the DAAD reserves the right to reduce the level of funding. It is assumed that the universities or other sponsors (e.g. support associations, companies from business and industry) will contribute to the overall costs, so that the personal contribution to be made by participants remains at a reasonable level.

1. Study Trips

Regulations applied to Indonesia

a) Program planning
The DAAD plans the program design. Wishes and preferences stated in the application form will, as far as possible, be taken into consideration. However, it is likely that cuts or changes will be made to the program due to decisions reached by the selection committees. The DAAD provides a travel guide fluent in the agreed group language who is responsible for the smooth running of the program.

b) Meals and accomodation
As a rule, groups will be accommodated in twin or three-bed rooms in hotels or youth guesthouses/hostels. The DAAD pays the subsistence costs (meals and accommodation) for the group (including for the group leader and, where appropriate, bus driver) during the stay in Germany.

c) Transport
The DAAD decides on the choice of means of transport. In many cases, a coach/bus will be used to ensure that the visit programme schedule can run smoothly. In the case of groups that cannot travel to Germany with their own coach/bus, the DAAD can hire a coach/bus for travel within Germany. If the group travels in a coach/bus not hired by the DAAD, a seat must be available for the DAAD guide; in such cases, the DAAD will pay the fuel costs for travel within Germany. For some programme points, however, use of public transport may be more suitable. The conditions will be advised on an individual basis.

The DAAD regrets that it is unable to pay any international travel costs.

2. Study Seminars and Practicals

Groups receive a flat-rate sum of € 50.- per person and day as a subsidy towards the travel and subsistence costs.

Applications may be placed by university lecturers from German universities. Applications must be submitted to the DAAD via the International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt) to the German university.

Application papers
The DAAD is only able to process punctually submitted complete applications. A full and complete funding application comprises the following elements:

1. Application form (download here; including budget and list of participants)

2. Reasons for and contentual description of the programme for one subject area, including a precise list of the visit and tour preferences, both in terms of subject-related (academic) content and of German area studies content. Vague or generally-worded descriptions (e.g. visits to museums, universities) are not acceptable.

3. Detailed schedule (in tabular form)

4. Description of the contentual preparation for the group trip (e.g. preparatory seminars).

5. Proof of contacts on the German side (in the case of Study Trips), especially in higher education (e.g. by sending invitations or letters of confirmation).

Proof of contacts on the foreign side (in the case of Study Seminars and Practical) who state their opinion on the importance of the Study Seminar and Practical specified in the application and on how this seminar or practical is integrated into the academic progress of the foreign participants. (General agreements, cooperation agreements and so on are not, on their own, sufficient proof and can only be submitted as support for the proof of contacts)

6. Proof of sponsorships for the international travel costs.

Application and Decision Process
Applications must be submitted via DAAD Jakarta by the following deadlines.

  • 03rd January for trips starting from 1st June (DAAD decides in the mid of April)
  • 1st April for trips starting from 1st September (DAAD decides in the mid of July)
  • 1st October for trips starting from 1st March (DAAD decides in the mid of January)

The decision will be made by a selection committee at the DAAD Head Office in Bonn. Due to the limited financial resources, experience has shown that only some of the applications can be approved that meet the programme’s three funding objectives. These are particularly well organised visits of cultural and educational policy interest with a clear focus on encouraging meeting and encounter.

Contact Person / Address
Muji Rahayu
DAAD Jakarta Office
Summitmas I, 19th Floor, Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Kav. 61-62
Jakarta 12190
Tel.: (021) 520 08 70, 525 28 07
Fax: (021) 525 28 22 /

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    For those who are still in high school/campus, you better visit the institution and get more information (i think ‘DAAD Jakarta’ is located around Sudirman, Jakarta)

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    Only those who are competent and have some knowledge about international relationship, will be chosen by DAAD.
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