Undergraduate, Master & PhD Scholarships from Turkish Government, Turkey

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Turkish Government offers scholarships for Undergraduate and Graduate (Master/PhD) studies, as well as for Research and Turkish Language Summer Courses under the following conditions:

1- Scholarship notifications are announced through diplomatic channels. Candidates should apply to the authorized bodies of their own countries or to the Turkish Embassies/Consulates in their respective countries.

2- Candidate is selected by the related country or by the foreign representatives of the Republic of Turkey. Commission also selects one reserve candidate for a quota of five, two reserve candidates for a quota of six or more.

3- Documents of candidates for undergraduate, graduate and research scholarships should be submitted to the Turkish Ministry of National Education through diplomatic channels before 15th July and the documents of candidates for Turkish Language Summer Course scholarships before 15th May same way. Applications with missing documents or applications received later than the above mentioned dates will not be taken into account.

4- Turkish Ministry of National Education examines and evaluates the documents. Selected candidates are invited through diplomatic channels.

5- Candidates of undergraduate and graduate scholarships should obtain a visa of “Education” and the candidates of research scholarships should obtain a visa of “Research (holder of MoNE scholarship)” from the Turkish Embassies/Consulates in their respective countries. Candidates of Turkish Language Summer Courses scholarships can attend a two-month TÖMER course with a tourist visa.

6- Candidates should arrive at the address which is written on the invitation letter and bring the application letter and the originals of the diplomas with them. They should cover their own travel expenses. Invitation letter covers necessary information.

7- Candidate registers to the educational institution that he/she is accepted and applies for the scholarship. With the official school registration and scholarship documents he/she applies for “dorms” and “residence permit”.

8- Student should apply for the extension of residence permit one month prior to its deadline. Extension of the residence permit is under student’s responsibility.

9- Undergraduate and graduate students attend Turkish Courses at TÖMER for 1 year. In order to be enrolled to the universities, students should obtain a “high” level of TÖMER Diploma.

10-Prior to making their program selection, applicants have to inquire about the universities’ conditions of acceptance and registration. Some universities require students to attend a one-year preparatory language class and take proficieny exam. After completing the placement process for a university, requests for university changes are not regarded.

11- Applications for Medical Specialty studies are ineligible for the scholarship program. However, candidates can take exams for Medical Specialty studies (TUS) with their own expenses.

12- Research programs are open to those who want to make a scientific research in his/her particular subject area in a university. Research duration is between 2-8 months.

13- Turkish Language Summer Courses are organized in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Antalya, Samsun, and Trabzon. Applicants can choose three provinces among them. Courses are not organized in provinces that have no adequate number of applicants. Course dates are from July 1st to August 31st.

14- Besides monthly living expense allowance; tuition fees, housing costs and medical treatment expenditures (excluding long term illnesses, serious surgical operations, prosthesis, jaw orthopaedics, orthodontics and teeth prosthesis) are paid by the Turkish Government.

15- Academic year begins in September. Candidates who are invited to take Turkish courses at TÖMER must register and complete application process for the scholarship before 15th October. For those who are invited to start their undergraduate, graduate and research studies must complete their registration for the university and scholarship process before 1th October.

16- If a student cannot graduate in normal school time (except prep school year) he/she is given maximum a 2 year extra time. If a student cannot graduate in that extra time, his/her scholarship will be cancelled.

17- Once student completes the registration process with university, housing / dormitory facility and scholarship program he or she assumes full responsibility for the conditions and regulations of mentioned institutions and conditions listed under this document.


  1. Applicants should not be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey or hold a dual nationality (Turkish and any other country’s nationality).
  2. Undergraduate candidates should have a “good” level of a high school graduation degree. The high school which was graduated from should be equivalent to the high schools in Turkey. Candidates should not have suspended education more than 2 years after graduation and not be older than 25 years on the date of application.
  3. Candidates for graduate studies (Master/PhD) should be a graduate of a 4-year university and not be older than 40 years on the date of application.
  4. Research candidates should be a graduate of a 4-year university and have a good level of Turkish, English or French.
  5. Candidates for the Turkish Language Summer Courses should be a university student or a graduate student.
  6. Candidates should not be infected with a contagious disease (HIV, Hepatitis-C and etc) or should not have a disease preventing his/her education in Turkey.


a) Bachelor’s Degree Applicants

  1. Diploma,
  2. Transcript,
  3. Health report,
  4. TÖMER Turkish Diploma (If available)

b) Master’s/ Doctor’s Degree Applicants

  1. Diploma,
  2. Transcript,
  3. Health report,
  4. TÖMER Turkish Diploma (If available)
  5. Recommendation Letters / Acceptance Letter (If available)

c) Research Studies Scholarship Applicants

  1. Diploma,
  2. Transcript,
  3. Health report,
  4. Recommendation Letters / Acceptance Letter (If available)
  5. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

d) Turkish Language Summer Courses Applicants

  1. Diploma / Student certificate
  2. Health report

a) Program selection form will only be filled by applicants who,

  • already have TÖMER Turkish diploma,
  • are graduated from Turkish high schools in Turkey,
  • are graduates of Turkology, Turkish Language and Literature programs of universities abroad,
  • applicants of research studies,
  • are applying for Turkish Language Summer Course.

b) For those other than candidates mentioned above will not fill out program selection form. The program selection form will be filled by them during their language study at TÖMER.
c) Incomplete or incorrect Application Forms will be invalid.

For more information, please visit official website: digm.meb.gov.tr.

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  1. Hei I’m Annisa , 20 years old . I’m interested in scholarships to Turkey. How can I get more information about this scholarship?

  2. My name is Abdiwasa mohamoud Adan I live in Somalia I gratuated secondry school which is called Alnour secondry school I would like to carry on my education but there is a lot of problems which needs to sort it out .
    My father don’t have money to go university and he is illness, I have 12 brothers and sisters and no one do work them, I will n’t able to go on my education becouse do I work something or learn something?
    I have high certificate and I reach high score which you will satisfy with it.

    I hope for your future everything work out well for you .


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